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Ureka 1.5.2

Released on 10/05/2015


List of included software

(Installation instructions are located below the IRAF warning message)

IRAF Compatibility Issues

IRAF 'cl' no longer works properly under the following operating systems:

How will I know if I'm affected by this?
$ ur_setup common primary
$ mkiraf
$ cl
task `cl' has no param file
Fatal startup error. CL dies.

Why is this happening?
Bugs in IRAF's core are triggering subtle failures on modern operating systems. Improvements to glibc, the C library on Linux ( and OSX (libSystem.dylib) have recently introduced an incompatibility with IRAF's built-in file/string handling functions. The version of glibc responsible for this issue is not likely to be determined. It is common practice for operating system developers to backport features into older (stable) versions of the library 'upstream', so verions numbers are not easily traceable.


1. Changing directories (does not work on CentOS)
$ mkdir /tmp/test
$ cd /tmp/test
$ cl

2. Install Ureka in a virtual machine
... Instructions Pending ...

To install Ureka on a Mac or Linux: For more information about using Ureka, see the Usage section in the documentation.