See the requirements section for information about what you need before installing Ureka.


Do not install Ureka as root or with “sudo”. Ureka does not require elevated privileges, and if you install the software as root, then your regular user may run into permissions problems.


The Ureka installation path must be 60 characters or less in length on OSX. If you install Ureka into a longer path, you will likely experience errors. See this FAQ entry for more information.

Quick Installation

  1. Download the installer for the current version of Ureka to the desired install location (right-click and Save Link As...):


    copy/paste one of these commands into a terminal window to download the installer:

    curl -O

    (Both commands do the same thing. It is often the case that Linux has wget and Macintosh has curl)

  2. Run the installer:

    sh ./install_ureka_1.5.2
  3. The installer will ask you to enter an installation name and will ask for permission to edit your login scripts.

Testing a Ureka Installation

It is a good idea to test Ureka after installation. Following a call to ur_setup, issue this command:


The ur_test script will run a series of tests, and provide a summary of how many tests passed and failed. If there were failures, a more detailed log will be produced. Here is an example of output from a ur_test run in which one error and one failure occurred.

Your operating system supports 32-bit executables.

Running tests...

pass=76 fail=1 error=1

/Users/cslocum/Ureka/test/summary.txt contains a summary of failures and errors

Please include /Users/cslocum/Ureka/test/ureka_test.log.0 with any help requests

If you experience a problem and need to request help from support, please be sure to include the logs produced by ur_test.

Installing Ureka Manually

There may be situations where it is necessary or convenient to install Ureka manually. In such cases, you can download the Ureka tarfile, unpack it, and configure it by following these steps:

  1. Download the appropriate tarfile to the desired install location :
  1. Unpack the tarfile (use the correct file name):

    tar zxf Ureka_osx-6_64_1.5.2.tar.gz
  2. Run ur_normalize:


    ur_normalize takes a few minutes to run. This configuration script updates various paths in the Ureka installation directory. You will be asked to provide a name for the installation, and for permission to edit your login scripts. These interactive questions can be avoided by calling ur_normalize with the -u flag.

Note: Step 3 must be repeated if the installation directory is ever relocated.

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