Using Ureka

Each time you wish to use Ureka (in a new terminal session), you must setup your environment by calling ur_setup. This setup script, described below in more detail, sets various environment variables that Ureka depends on. ur_forget provides a way to purge your environment of Ureka variables.


Basic usage - If you only have one Ureka installation and are using the common variant, then you can call ur_setup without any arguments:


To load the “spam” variant of the default installation:

ur_setup spam

To load the “spam” variant of the “foo” installation:

ur_setup spam foo


This script removes all Ureka variables from your environment:



On most systems, the installation process will create a Desktop or menu shortcut that can be clicked on to launch a terminal session with the Ureka environment already selected. If you click on a Ureka shortcut, then there is no need to call ur_setup.

OSX Desktop icon:


Unity menu shortcut on Ubuntu 13.10:


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