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There are currently no addons available for Ureka. Please check back later.

Addons are optional software packages that integrate with Ureka. Addons can be installed into named locations, called Variants. The Ureka core contains a common variant by default, but you may define additional variants and install addons into these locations as well.

Variants exist to give you more control over which addons get loaded into your environment. Consider a scenario where you might want to install both production and development versions of addon Xyz, and be able to choose which version of the addon gets used with Ureka on-the-fly. You could install the production addon into a variant called “prod” and the development addon into a variant named “dev”. Then, you can switch back and forth between the “prod” and “dev” variants as needed, without having to uninstall or overwrite either version of addon Xyz.

A variant is loaded into your envrionment when you call ur_setup and purged from your environment when you call ur_forget. Only one variant may be loaded at a time (not including common). The set of software available to you in a particular session includes the Ureka core and any software that has been installed into the selected variant. See the Usage section for information about ur_setup and ur_forget.

Note that the common variant is always loaded along with whatever variant you excplicitly select (if any). Many users have no need to create additional variants.

Creating a New Variant

To create a new variant called “spam” in the default Ureka installation:

ur_setup -n spam

To create a new variant called “spam” in the Ureka installation named “foo”:

ur_setup -n spam foo

Viewing Available Addons

To get a list of all addons available on the Ureka webserver:

ur_install --list

This command produces a list of all addons on the Ureka webserver. Here’s an example entry for a fake addon:

  This is a Fake addon for Ureka

Installing an Addon

The easiest way to install an addon is to call ur_install with the name of the addon. This script will download and install the addon for you:

ur_install fake_addon

Alternately, you can download the addon file manually [1] and install it with ur_install:

ur_install addon_fake.tar.gz

If you want to install an addon into a variant other than common, pass the name of the variant to ur_install as the second argument. For example, to install a fake addon into variant “spam”:

ur_install fake spam

Addon versions must match the version of the Ureka core.

Multiple addons may be installed into a variant.


Installing addons into the common variant will irrecoverably alter the Ureka core.


[1]Use ur_install –list to see addon download URLs.

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