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Ureka v.1.0beta5 includes Python 2.7.3.

List of Python modules


Ureka v.1.0beta5 includes IRAF 2.16.

IRAF is always compiled in 32-bit mode, even for the 64-bit binary distributions.

There are some differences between the version of IRAF bundled with Ureka and the one available from NOAO. The main IRAF tree is $UR_DIR/iraf, but there are additional packages in the common variant (in $UR_DIR/variants/common/iraf). These additional packages are configured in $UR_DIR/variants/common/extern.pkg, which is loaded by the iraf/unix/hlib/extern.pkg.

List of IRAF packages

Data Processing and Visualization Programs

Ureka also contains some programs for processing and visualizing data.

List of Data Processing and Visualization Programs

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