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Ureka is a collection of useful astronomy software that is generally centered around Python and IRAF. The software provides everything you need to run the data reduction packages provided by STScI and Gemini.

System privileges are not normally required to install Ureka, and there are minimal operating system requirements. Ureka is a binary distibution for Macs and Linux.

Get Ureka

The easiest way to install Ureka is to run the installer. The Ureka installer identifies your platform, downloads the appropriate binary, and sets up the software on your system. Follow this link for more information:

If you're looking for one of the STScI development builds (SSBX and SSBDEV), see this page.


If you need to do something non-standard, you might want to download one of the Ureka binaries and manually install the software, instead of using an installer.

Ureka source files are also available. There are currently no provisions for building Ureka from source, however, so these are only useful for information purposes.


The authors of the Ureka package are listed here.

Deliveries to the Data Management System (OPUS)

The Data Management System (DMS) processes HST data, both as it comes off the telescope on a daily basis and as people request data from the archives. Ureka gets delivered for use in the DMS as software developments support new calibrations and improvements in the calibrations applied to HST data. The history of what versions of Ureka were delivered for use in DMS allows users to determine whether they need to get a new version of Ureka for reprocessing their data or not.


If you have any questions or problems, please send mail to Be sure to include "Ureka" in the subject line.