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shunit2 - plugin architecture patches

This is a copy of shunit 2.1.6 modified to support a plugin architecture. My primary motivation for this was to use shunit2 as a test runner in Pandokia, but in principle you could use it to create arbitrary report formats.

This patched version is identified as '2.1.6plugin'

What is here:

If you prefer to apply the patch yourself instead of downloading the already-patched file, you can use these instructions.

Download shunit2 2.1.6 from
or from the link above.

Get the file "shunit2.patch" from
or from the link above.

Extract the tar file and apply the patch :

        tar xf shunit2-2.1.6.tgz
        cd shunit2-2.1.6/src/
        patch -p0 < ../../shunit2.patch

Copy the shunit2 script to some place on your PATH.

The resulting shunit2 is identified by SHUNIT_VERSION='2.1.6plugin'

You can run the shunit2 self-tests with the command