Ureka Support

If you’re experiencing an unexpected application error or crash, please email with a description of the problem, including relevant messages (such as a Python traceback) and steps to reproduce the problem. The subject line of your email must include the word “Ureka”.

We also ask that you run ur_test and attach the log files (if any) that it produces with your support request. See the Testing a Ureka Installation section on the Installation page for more information.

You can also send comment and suggestions to

Third-Party Support

For general IRAF questions (other than configuration problems), see

For general questions on using NumPy or SciPy, see For AstroPy, see

For issues specific to the Gemini IRAF package, please contact the Gemini Help Desk by following these instructions:

User Forum

To see what installation problems and solutions other users have found, or to share your own experiences with Ureka, visit the Gemini Data Reduction User Forum at

Be sure to use the “ureka” tag when posting about Ureka.

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