Other IRAF and Python Environments

Ureka is designed to co-exist with other Python and IRAF installations. However, in some situations, such software may break Ureka by requiring that you set environment variables like LD_LIBRARY_PATH (DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH on OSX) or PYTHONPATH in your shell login files [1], thus causing Ureka to pick up the wrong versions of its libraries.

We attempt to detect the presence of software that is known to conflict with Ureka during installation and in ur_setup. If you get an error message during ur_setup that indicates “Incompatible directories found on $PATH” or “Environment variable $iraf is alreay set”, it is likely that there is conflicting Python or IRAF software in your environment. In many cases, conflicting software is inserted into your environment via commands executed in your shell login files.


STScI provides stand-alone IRAF installations SSBREL, SSBX, and SSBDEV (previously called IRAF, IRAFX, and IRAFDEV, respectively). Configuration of these installations typically involves placing the following snippet in your login script:

if ( -f /usr/stsci/envconfig.mac/cshrc ) then
    source /usr/stsci/envconfig.mac/cshrc

If you have the above snippet in your login script, ur_setup will warn you that “you have /usr/stsci in your environment - using Ureka instead”. No action is required! ur_setup removes the conflicting paths from your environment before setting up Ureka.

Other Environments

If ur_setup detects a non-STScI Python or IRAF installation, it will display an error message and exit. You must remove all paths to the conflicting installation from your environment. Check your login script(s) [1] for environment manipulations related to the problematic software.


[1](1, 2) Shell login scripts are usually in $HOME. If your shell is csh or tcsh, then your login script could be .cshrc, .tcshrc, or .login. If your shell is bash or sh, then your login script could be .profile, .bash_profile, or .bashrc. Other shells are not supported by Ureka.

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