Qt is already installed, so PySide should work already.


You need to install Qt follow the instructions below.

Installation on OSX:

  1. Download the Qt DMG to the desired install location:

    curl -O http://ssb.stsci.edu/qt-opensource-mac-4.8.6-1.dmg

  2. Issue this command:

    open .
  3. In the ‘finder window’ that opens, double click on the DMG file icon.

  4. A GUI window opens, containing icons for ‘packages’, ‘ReadMe.txt’, and the Qt.mkpg file. Double click on the mpkg file icon.

  5. A popup appears stating something like “This package will run a program to determine if the software can be installed”. Since this software is from a trusted source, hit ‘Continue.’

  6. A window appears titled “Welcome to the Qt installer.” Follow the steps; at the “Installation Type” step you will need to enter your password.

  7. A window should appear that displays “Installing package”, with an estimate of the installation time, followed by (hopefully) “Installation successful”.

  8. If the Qt installation is complete, you can test that Qt/PySide is working by following the remaining steps. First issue the command:

  9. A window should appear titled ‘ur_test_pyside’. Within this window, a button labeled ‘Press this first’ should be on the left, and an empty text field to the right of the button. There should also be a label beneath the button: ‘This is a really long label...’, an icon for the ‘Window Menu’ in the top left corner of the titlebar, and icons for ‘Minimize Window’, ‘Maximize Window’, and ‘Close Window’ in the top right corner of the titlebar.

  10. Click on the ‘Press this first’ button: a new window should appear titled ‘Input Dialog’, with this text below it within the window: ‘Type in your name; it should then appear in the box next to the button’. Type some text in this dialog box, and click ‘ok’. The ‘Input Dialog’ box should then disappear, and the text you just entered should appear in the text field to the right of the button.

  11. You should be able to click on each of the icons for ‘Minimize Window’, ‘Maximize Window’, and ‘Close Window’ in the top right corner of the the titlebar and get the expected results.

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