Advanced Configuration

Multiple Ureka Installations

You can install multiple, named copies of Ureka onto your system. For each installation, the name, location, and version are stored in subdirectories of $HOME/.ureka.

When you call ur_setup, you can optionally specify which installation and variant to use. If you call ur_setup with no arguments, the common variant of the default installation gets selected.

The default installation is the one most recently installed. $HOME/.ureka/.default stores the name of the default installation. You can alter the value of $HOME/.ureka/.default manually, or call ur_setup with the “-d” flag to select a different default installation:

ur_setup -d installation_name

Multiple Users

Multiple users can use a single Ureka installation.

If another user has installed an instance of Ureka that you would like to use, you must run ur_config to setup aliases to ur_setup and ur_forget in your login scripts, and to create an entry in $HOME/.ureka.

First, change directories (cd) into the Ureka installation. Then, issue this command:


The script will ask you for permission to edit your login scripts - Type “yes” or just press Enter.

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