About UrekaΒΆ

There is a lot of useful astronomy software available for free, but nobody studies astronomy because it sounds like fun to spend two or three days just installing software.

Why use Ureka?

Ureka collects a bunch of this software into a single bundle that installs in under 15 minutes if you have a fast network. You only have to answer a few questions, so most of that time is just waiting for the downloads and the file copies. You don’t have to learn to install IRAF, Python, and dozens of packages and libraries.

On many computers, no system privileges are needed to install or run Ureka.

Where system privileges are needed, it is a matter of installing a few packages that are available from your operating system distribution. We have found that IT staff don’t mind this, even in places where they would otherwise refuse to install our software for you.

There is a detailed list of the include software in the section Ureka Components

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