Technical Software Reports (TSRs)


A TSR (Technical Software Report) is a white paper authored by SSB staff members, possibly with non-SSB co-authors, documenting technical aspects of our software, testing, or planning.

TSRs are analogous to the ISRs (Instrument Science Reports) and TIRs (Technical Instrument Reports) published by INS.

TSR list

This is the master list of extant TSR numbers and titles. When your TSR is ready for publication, add it to the list to allocate your number.

2008-01 Calcspec/Countrate Discrepancy Report
2009-01 Pysynphot Commissioning Report
2009-02 Choppy Source Plot in ETC 18.0
2010-01 PyETC Test Plan
2010-02 Analysis of Calibration Reference Data System Design and Requirements (draft stage)
2010-03 JWST Association Requirements Analysis (draft stage)
2010-04 PyETC Release Plan
2010-05 Pyetc Security Analysis (HST)
2010-06 Pyetc Load Testing
2010-07 Pyetc Load Testing, part 2
2010-08 TinyTim Security Analysis (draft stage)
2010-09 Pyetc Test Generation and Management
2011-01 Pyetc Security Maintenance (draft)
2011-02 Pyetc Security Analysis (JWST)
2011-03 Pyetc BOT Input Tool (BIT)
2011-04 Pysynphot and Synphot Bandpar Comparison
2012-01 Distortion Correction in HST FITS Files
2012-02 Definition of a Headerlet and Its Role in Updating WCS Information
2012-03 NPOL Reference File
2013-01 Pyetc Enclosed Energy Lookup Methods

Writing your TSR

Use Sphinx to write your TSR. The Sphinx wiki page includes TSR-specific instructions. Until your TSR is ready for publication, use the current year and a placeholder for the document title in your and source files: for example, 2010-xx.

Publishing your TSR

  • edit this page to allocate your number
  • modify your source files to replace the -xx placeholder by the number
  • build the HTML
  • copy the resulting html directory to /eng/ssb/pyetc/web/tsr/YYYY-NN , or to /eng/ssb/pyetc/web/tsr/project/YYYY-NN if you want to group TSRs by project. This will publish them on the website.
  • add a link to the new TSR by editing the /eng/ssb/web/tsr/index.html file following the style used by the previous links, with the most recent reports at the top of the page.

Place the PDF file generated using Sphinx in the TSR HTML directory then add a link to it on the SSB public site index.html page to publish the PDF version of the report.

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