Data Models

jwst.datamodels Package


open([init, extensions]) Creates a DataModel from a number of different types


DataModel([init, schema, extensions, …]) Base class of all of the data models.
AmiLgModel([init, fit_image, resid_image, …]) A data model for AMI LG analysis results.
AsnModel([init, asn_table]) A data model for association tables.
BarshadowModel([init, data1x1, var1x1, …]) A data model for Bar Shadow correction information.
CameraModel([init, model, input_units, …]) A model for a reference file of type “camera”.
CollimatorModel([init, model, input_units, …]) A model for a reference file of type “collimator”.
CombinedSpecModel([init, spec_table]) A data model for combined 1D spectra.
ContrastModel([init, contrast_table]) A data model for coronagraphic contrast curve files.
CubeModel([init, data, dq, err, zeroframe, …]) A data model for 3D image cubes.
DarkModel([init, data, dq, err, dq_def]) A data model for dark reference files.
DarkMIRIModel([init, data, dq, err, dq_def]) A data model for dark MIRI reference files.
DisperserModel([init, angle, gwa_tiltx, …]) A model for a NIRSPEC reference file of type “disperser”.
DistortionModel([init, model, input_units, …]) A model for a reference file of type “distortion”.
DistortionMRSModel([init, x_model, y_model, …]) A model for a reference file of type “distortion” for the MIRI MRS.
DrizProductModel([init, data, con, wht, …]) A data model for drizzle-generated products.
DrizParsModel([init, drizpars_table]) A data model for drizzle parameters reference tables.
NircamDrizParsModel([init, drizpars_table]) A data model for NIRCam drizpars reference files.
MiriImgDrizParsModel([init, drizpars_table]) A data model for MIRI imaging drizpars reference files.
FilteroffsetModel([init, filters]) A model for a NIRSPEC reference file of type “disperser”.
FlatModel([init, data, dq, err, dq_def]) A data model for 2D flat-field images.
NRSFlatModel([init, flat_table]) A base class for NIRSpec flat-field reference file models.
NirspecFlatModel([init, data, dq, err, …]) A data model for NIRSpec flat-field reference files.
NirspecQuadFlatModel([init]) A data model for NIRSpec flat-field files that differ by quadrant.
FOREModel([init, model, input_units, …]) A model for a reference file of type “fore”.
FPAModel([init, nrs1_model, nrs2_model]) A model for a NIRSPEC reference file of type “fpa”.
FringeModel([init, data, dq, err, dq_def]) A data model for 2D fringe correction images.
GainModel([init, data]) A data model for 2D gain.
GLS_RampFitModel([init, yint, sigyint, …]) A data model for the optional output of the ramp fitting step for the GLS algorithm.
GuiderRawModel([init, data, dq, …]) A data model for FGS pipeline input files
GuiderCalModel([init, data, dq, …]) A data model for FGS pipeline output files
IFUCubeModel([init, data, dq, err, …]) A data model for 3D IFU cubes.
IFUCubeParsModel([init, ifucubepars_table]) A data model for IFU Cube parameters reference tables.
NirspecIFUCubeParsModel([init, …]) A data model for Nirspec ifucubepars reference files.
MiriIFUCubeParsModel([init, ifucubepars_table]) A data model for MIRI mrs ifucubepars reference files.
IFUFOREModel([init, model, input_units, …]) A model for a NIRSPEC reference file of type “ifufore”.
IFUPostModel([init, models]) A model for a NIRSPEC reference file of type “ifupost”.
IFUSlicerModel([init, model, data]) A model for a NIRSPEC reference file of type “ifuslicer”.
ImageModel([init, data, dq, err, relsens, …]) A data model for 2D images.
IPCModel([init, data]) A data model for IPC kernel checking information.
IRS2Model([init, irs2_table]) A data model for the IRS2 reference file.
LastFrameModel([init, data, dq, err, dq_def]) A data model for Last frame correction reference files.
Level1bModel([init, data, refout, …]) A data model for raw 4D ramps level-1b products.
LinearityModel([init, coeffs, dq, dq_def]) A data model for linearity correction information.
MaskModel([init, dq, dq_def]) A data model for 2D masks.
ModelContainer([init, persist]) A container for holding DataModels.
MSAModel([init, models, data]) A model for a NIRSPEC reference file of type “msa”.
MultiExposureModel([init]) A data model for multi-slit images derived from numerous exposures.
MultiProductModel([init]) A data model for multi-DrizProduct images.
MultiSlitModel([init]) A data model for multi-slit images.
MultiSpecModel([init]) A data model for multi-spec images.
OTEModel([init, model, input_units, …]) A model for a reference file of type “ote”.
OutlierParsModel([init, outlierpars_table]) A data model for outlier detection parameters reference tables.
MiriImgOutlierParsModel([init, …]) A data model for MIRI imaging outlierpars reference files.
NircamOutlierParsModel([init, outlierpars_table]) A data model for NIRCam outlierpars reference files.
PathlossModel([init, pointsource, psvar, …]) A data model for pathloss correction information.
PersistenceSatModel([init, data, dq, dq_def]) A data model for the persistence saturation value (full well).
PixelAreaModel([init, data]) A data model for the pixel area map
NirspecSlitAreaModel([init, area_table]) A data model for the NIRSpec fixed-slit pixel area reference file
NirspecMosAreaModel([init, area_table]) A data model for the NIRSpec MOS pixel area reference file
NirspecIfuAreaModel([init, area_table]) A data model for the NIRSpec IFU pixel area reference file
ThroughputModel([init, filter_table]) A data model for filter throughput.
PhotomModel([init, phot_table]) A base class for photometric reference file models.
FgsPhotomModel([init, phot_table]) A data model for FGS photom reference files.
MiriImgPhotomModel([init, phot_table]) A data model for MIRI imaging photom reference files.
MiriMrsPhotomModel([init, data, err, dq, …]) A data model for MIRI MRS photom reference files.
NIRCAMGrismModel([init, displ, dispx, …]) A model for a reference file of type “specwcs” for NIRCAM grisms.
NIRISSGrismModel([init, displ, dispx, …]) A model for a reference file of type “specwcs” for NIRISS grisms.
NircamPhotomModel([init, phot_table]) A data model for NIRCam photom reference files.
NirissPhotomModel([init, phot_table]) A data model for NIRISS photom reference files.
NirspecPhotomModel([init, phot_table]) A data model for NIRSpec imaging, IFU, and MOS photom reference files.
NirspecFSPhotomModel([init, phot_table]) A data model for NIRSpec Fixed-Slit (FS) photom reference files.
QuadModel([init, data, dq, err]) A data model for 4D image arrays.
RampModel([init, data, pixeldq, groupdq, …]) A data model for 4D ramps.
MIRIRampModel([init, data, pixeldq, …]) A data model for MIRI ramps.
RampFitOutputModel([init, slope, sigslope, …]) A data model for the optional output of the ramp fitting step.
ReadnoiseModel([init, data]) A data model for 2D readnoise.
ReferenceFileModel([init]) A data model for reference tables
ReferenceCubeModel([init, data, dq, err]) A data model for 3D reference images
ReferenceImageModel([init, data, dq, err]) A data model for 2D reference images
ReferenceQuadModel([init, data, dq, err]) A data model for 4D reference images
RegionsModel([init, regions]) A model for a reference file of type “regions”.
ResetModel([init, data, dq, err, dq_def]) A data model for reset correction reference files.
ResolutionModel([init, resolution_table]) A data model for Spectral Resolution parameters reference tables.
MiriResolutionModel([init, …]) A data model for MIRI Resolution reference files.
RSCDModel([init, rscd_table]) A data model for the RSCD reference file.
SaturationModel([init, data, dq, dq_def]) A data model for saturation checking information.
SpecModel([init, spec_table]) A data model for 1D spectra.
StrayLightModel([init, data]) A data model for 2D straylight mask.
SuperBiasModel([init, data, dq, err, dq_def]) A data model for 2D super-bias images.
SpecwcsModel([init, model, input_units, …]) A model for a reference file of type “specwcs”.
TrapDensityModel([init, data, dq, dq_def]) A data model for the trap density of a detector, for persistence.
TrapParsModel([init, trappars_table]) A data model for trap capture and decay parameters.
TrapsFilledModel([init, data]) A data model for the number of traps filled for a detector, for persistence.
WavelengthrangeModel([init, …]) A model for a reference file of type “wavelengthrange”.
WaveCorrModel([init, apertures])

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of jwst.datamodels.model_base.DataModel, jwst.datamodels.amilg.AmiLgModel, jwst.datamodels.asn.AsnModel, jwst.datamodels.barshadow.BarshadowModel, jwst.datamodels.wcs_ref_models.CameraModel, jwst.datamodels.wcs_ref_models.CollimatorModel, jwst.datamodels.combinedspec.CombinedSpecModel, jwst.datamodels.contrast.ContrastModel, jwst.datamodels.cube.CubeModel, jwst.datamodels.dark.DarkModel, jwst.datamodels.darkMIRI.DarkMIRIModel, jwst.datamodels.wcs_ref_models.DisperserModel, jwst.datamodels.wcs_ref_models.DistortionModel, jwst.datamodels.wcs_ref_models.DistortionMRSModel, jwst.datamodels.drizproduct.DrizProductModel, jwst.datamodels.drizpars.DrizParsModel, jwst.datamodels.drizpars.NircamDrizParsModel, jwst.datamodels.drizpars.MiriImgDrizParsModel, jwst.datamodels.wcs_ref_models.FilteroffsetModel, jwst.datamodels.flat.FlatModel, jwst.datamodels.nirspec_flat.NRSFlatModel, jwst.datamodels.nirspec_flat.NirspecFlatModel, jwst.datamodels.nirspec_flat.NirspecQuadFlatModel, jwst.datamodels.wcs_ref_models.FOREModel, jwst.datamodels.wcs_ref_models.FPAModel, jwst.datamodels.fringe.FringeModel, jwst.datamodels.gain.GainModel, jwst.datamodels.gls_rampfit.GLS_RampFitModel, jwst.datamodels.guiderraw.GuiderRawModel, jwst.datamodels.guidercal.GuiderCalModel, jwst.datamodels.ifucube.IFUCubeModel, jwst.datamodels.ifucubepars.IFUCubeParsModel, jwst.datamodels.ifucubepars.NirspecIFUCubeParsModel, jwst.datamodels.ifucubepars.MiriIFUCubeParsModel, jwst.datamodels.wcs_ref_models.IFUFOREModel, jwst.datamodels.wcs_ref_models.IFUPostModel, jwst.datamodels.wcs_ref_models.IFUSlicerModel, jwst.datamodels.image.ImageModel, jwst.datamodels.ipc.IPCModel, jwst.datamodels.irs2.IRS2Model, jwst.datamodels.lastframe.LastFrameModel, jwst.datamodels.level1b.Level1bModel, jwst.datamodels.linearity.LinearityModel, jwst.datamodels.mask.MaskModel, jwst.datamodels.container.ModelContainer, jwst.datamodels.wcs_ref_models.MSAModel, jwst.datamodels.multiexposure.MultiExposureModel, jwst.datamodels.multiprod.MultiProductModel, jwst.datamodels.multislit.MultiSlitModel, jwst.datamodels.multispec.MultiSpecModel, jwst.datamodels.wcs_ref_models.OTEModel, jwst.datamodels.outlierpars.OutlierParsModel, jwst.datamodels.outlierpars.MiriImgOutlierParsModel, jwst.datamodels.outlierpars.NircamOutlierParsModel, jwst.datamodels.pathloss.PathlossModel, jwst.datamodels.persat.PersistenceSatModel, jwst.datamodels.pixelarea.PixelAreaModel, jwst.datamodels.pixelarea.NirspecSlitAreaModel, jwst.datamodels.pixelarea.NirspecMosAreaModel, jwst.datamodels.pixelarea.NirspecIfuAreaModel, jwst.datamodels.throughput.ThroughputModel, jwst.datamodels.photom.PhotomModel, jwst.datamodels.photom.FgsPhotomModel, jwst.datamodels.photom.MiriImgPhotomModel, jwst.datamodels.photom.MiriMrsPhotomModel, jwst.datamodels.wcs_ref_models.NIRCAMGrismModel, jwst.datamodels.wcs_ref_models.NIRISSGrismModel, jwst.datamodels.photom.NircamPhotomModel, jwst.datamodels.photom.NirissPhotomModel, jwst.datamodels.photom.NirspecPhotomModel, jwst.datamodels.photom.NirspecFSPhotomModel, jwst.datamodels.quad.QuadModel, jwst.datamodels.ramp.RampModel, jwst.datamodels.miri_ramp.MIRIRampModel, jwst.datamodels.rampfitoutput.RampFitOutputModel, jwst.datamodels.readnoise.ReadnoiseModel, jwst.datamodels.reference.ReferenceFileModel, jwst.datamodels.reference.ReferenceCubeModel, jwst.datamodels.reference.ReferenceImageModel, jwst.datamodels.reference.ReferenceQuadModel, jwst.datamodels.wcs_ref_models.RegionsModel, jwst.datamodels.reset.ResetModel, jwst.datamodels.resolution.ResolutionModel, jwst.datamodels.resolution.MiriResolutionModel, jwst.datamodels.rscd.RSCDModel, jwst.datamodels.saturation.SaturationModel, jwst.datamodels.spec.SpecModel, jwst.datamodels.straylight.StrayLightModel, jwst.datamodels.superbias.SuperBiasModel, jwst.datamodels.wcs_ref_models.SpecwcsModel, jwst.datamodels.trapdensity.TrapDensityModel, jwst.datamodels.trappars.TrapParsModel, jwst.datamodels.trapsfilled.TrapsFilledModel, jwst.datamodels.wcs_ref_models.WavelengthrangeModel, jwst.datamodels.wcs_ref_models.WaveCorrModel