Coronagraphic Processsing

jwst.coron Package


AlignRefsStep([name, parent, config_file, …]) AlignRefsStep: Align coronagraphic PSF images with science target images.
HlspStep([name, parent, config_file, …]) HlspStep: Make High-Level Science Products (HLSP’s) from the results of coronagraphic exposure that’s had KLIP processing applied to it.
KlipStep([name, parent, config_file, …]) KlipStep: Performs KLIP processing on a science target coronagraphic exposure.
StackRefsStep([name, parent, config_file, …]) StackRefsStep: Stack multiple PSF reference exposures into a single CubeModel, for use by subsequent coronagraphic steps.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of jwst.coron.align_refs_step.AlignRefsStep, jwst.coron.hlsp_step.HlspStep, jwst.coron.klip_step.KlipStep, jwst.coron.stack_refs_step.StackRefsStep