jwst.associations Package


abspath(path) Return an absolute path.
dirname(p) Returns the directory component of a pathname
generate(pool, rules[, version_id]) Generate associations in the pool according to the rules.
generate_from_item(item, version_id, …) Either match or generate a new assocation
join(a, *p) Join two or more pathname components, inserting ‘/’ as needed.
libpath(filepath) Return the full path to the module library.
load_asn(serialized[, format, first, …]) Load an Association from a file or object
match_item(item, associations) Match item to a list of associations


Association([version_id]) Association Base Class
AssociationError([message]) Basic errors related to Associations
AssociationNotAConstraint([message]) No matching constraint found
AssociationNotValidError([message]) Given data structure is not a valid association
AssociationPool([data, masked, names, …]) Association Pool
AssociationRegistry([definition_files, …]) The available assocations
ProcessList(items, rules[, work_over]) A Process list

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of jwst.associations.association.Association, jwst.associations.exceptions.AssociationError, jwst.associations.exceptions.AssociationNotAConstraint, jwst.associations.exceptions.AssociationNotValidError, jwst.associations.pool.AssociationPool, jwst.associations.registry.AssociationRegistry, jwst.associations.association.ProcessList