class jwst.tweakreg.TweakRegStep(name=None, parent=None, config_file=None, _validate_kwds=True, **kws)[source]

Bases: jwst.stpipe.Step

TweakRegStep: Image alignment based on catalogs of sources detected in input images.

Create a Step instance.

  • name (str, optional) – The name of the Step instance. Used in logging messages and in cache filenames. If not provided, one will be generated based on the class name.
  • parent (Step instance, optional) – The parent step of this step. Used to determine a fully-qualified name for this step, and to determine the mode in which to run this step.
  • config_file (str path, optional) – The path to the config file that this step was initialized with. Use to determine relative path names.
  • **kws (dict) – Additional parameters to set. These will be set as member variables on the new Step instance.

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reference_file_types = []
spec = "\n # Optimize alignment order:\n enforce_user_order = boolean(default=True) # Align images in user specified order?\n\n # Reference Catalog parameters:\n expand_refcat = boolean(default=False) # Expand reference catalog with new sources?\n\n # Object matching parameters:\n minobj = integer(default=15) # Minimum number of objects acceptable for matching\n searchrad = float(default=1.0) # The search radius for a match\n use2dhist = boolean(default=True) # Use 2d histogram to find initial offset?\n separation = float(default=0.5) # Minimum object separation in pixels\n tolerance = float(default=1.0) # Matching tolerance for xyxymatch in pixels\n xoffset = float(default=0.0), # Initial guess for X offset in pixels\n yoffset = float(default=0.0) # Initial guess for Y offset in pixels\n\n # Catalog fitting parameters:\n fitgeometry = option('shift', 'rscale', 'general', default='general') # Fitting geometry\n nclip = integer(min=0, default=3) # Number of clipping iterations in fit\n sigma = float(min=0.0, default=3.0) # Clipping limit in sigma units\n "

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