class jwst.datamodels.NirspecFSPhotomModel(init=None, phot_table=None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: jwst.datamodels.PhotomModel

A data model for NIRSpec Fixed-Slit (FS) photom reference files.

  • init (any) – Any of the initializers supported by DataModel.
  • phot_table (numpy array) –

    A table-like object containing row selection criteria made up of instrument mode parameters and photometric conversion factors associated with those modes.

    • filter: str[12]
    • grating: str[12]
    • slit: str[12]
    • photmjsr: float32
    • uncertainty: float32
    • nelem: int16
    • wavelength: float32[150]
    • relresponse: float32[150]
    • reluncertainty: float32[150]

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schema_url = 'nirspecfs_photom.schema.yaml'