class jwst.datamodels.MultiExposureModel(init=None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: jwst.datamodels.DataModel

A data model for multi-slit images derived from numerous exposures. The intent is that all slits in this model are of the same source, with each slit representing a separate exposure of that source.

This model has a special member exposures that can be used to deal with an entire slit at a time. It behaves like a list:

>>> multislit_model.exposures.append(image_model)
>>> multislit_model.exposures[0]

Also, there is an extra attribute, meta. This will contain the meta attribute from the exposure from which each slit has been taken.

See the module exp_to_source for the initial creation of these models. This is part of the Level 3 processing of multi-objection observations.

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Attributes Documentation

core_schema_url = 'core.schema.yaml'
schema_url = 'multiexposure.schema.yaml'