class jwst.datamodels.CubeModel(init=None, data=None, dq=None, err=None, zeroframe=None, relsens=None, area=None, wavelength=None, var_poisson=None, var_rnoise=None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: jwst.datamodels.DataModel

A data model for 3D image cubes.

  • init (any) – Any of the initializers supported by DataModel.
  • data (numpy array) – The science data. 3-D.
  • dq (numpy array) – The data quality array. 3-D.
  • err (numpy array) – The error array. 3-D
  • zeroframe (numpy array) – The zero-frame array. 3-D
  • relsens (numpy array) – The relative sensitivity array.
  • area (numpy array) – The pixel area array. 2-D
  • wavelength (numpy array) – The wavelength array. 2-D
  • var_poisson (numpy array) – The variance due to Poisson noise array. 3-D
  • var_rnoise (numpy array) – The variance due to read noise array. 3-D

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schema_url = 'cube.schema.yaml'