class jwst.associations.AssociationRegistry(definition_files=None, include_default=True, global_constraints=None, name=None, include_bases=False)[source]

Bases: dict

The available assocations

  • definition_files ([str,]) – The files to find the association definitions in.
  • include_default (bool) – True to include the default definitions.
  • global_constraints (dict) – Constraints to be added to each rule.
  • name (str) – An identifying string, used to prefix rule names.
  • include_bases (bool) – If True, include base classes not considered rules.

Attributes Summary


Methods Summary

finalize(associations) Finalize newly generated associations
load(serialized[, format, validate, first]) Marshall a previously serialized association
match(item[, version_id, allow, ignore]) See if item belongs to any of the associations defined.
validate(association) Validate a given association against schema

Attributes Documentation

callback = <jwst.associations.lib.callback_registry.CallbackRegistry object>

Methods Documentation


Finalize newly generated associations

Parameters:assocations ([association[, ..]]) – The list of associations
load(serialized, format=None, validate=True, first=True, **kwargs)[source]

Marshall a previously serialized association

  • serialized (object) – The serialized form of the association.
  • format (str or None) – The format to force. If None, try all available.
  • validate (bool) – Validate against the class’ defined schema, if any.
  • first (bool) – A serialization potentially matches many rules. Only return the first succesful load.
  • kwargs (dict) – Other arguments to pass to the load method

Return type:

The Association object, or the list of association objects.


AssociationError – Cannot create or validate the association.

match(item, version_id=None, allow=None, ignore=None)[source]

See if item belongs to any of the associations defined.

  • item (dict) – A item, like from a Pool, to find assocations for.
  • version_id (str) – If specified, a string appened to association names. If None, nothing is used.
  • allow ([type(Association), ..]) – List of rules to allow to be matched. If None, all available rules will be used.
  • ignore (list) – A list of associations to ignore when looking for a match. Intended to ensure that already created associations are not re-created.

(associations, reprocess_list)

associations: [association,…]

List of associations item belongs to. Empty if none match

reprocess_list: [AssociationReprocess, …]

List of reprocess events.

Return type:



Validate a given association against schema

Parameters:association (association-like) – The data to validate
Returns:rules – List of rules that validated
Return type:list
Raises:AssociationNotValidError – Association did not validate