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Configuring your login script

These instructions are only for use with SSBREL/SSBX/SSBDEV installations in /usr/stsci. If you installed one of these builds yourself by following these instructions, then your login script should already be configured.

You may use bash, sh, csh, or tcsh as your shell. Your shell's login script must be edited so that the "ssbrel", "ssbx", or "ssbdev" aliases are defined. If you don't know what shell you are using, the environment variable $SHELL might give you a hint.

If you are using csh or tcsh, then append these three lines to ~/.cshrc:

if ( -f /usr/stsci/envconfig/cshrc ) then
    source /usr/stsci/envconfig/cshrc

If you are using bash or sh, then append these four lines to ~/.profile:

if [ -f /usr/stsci/envconfig/profile ]
    . /usr/stsci/envconfig/profile

The changes to your login script will not take effect until you start a new terminal session.